Timelessness in the Ever-Changing Medical Field: Dr. Abraham Verghese, Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. Abraham Verghese, MD


Dr. Abraham Verghese is originally from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He completed his MD degree at Madras Medical College in Madras, India. Moving to the United States, he trained as a resident in internal medicine at East Tennessee State University. He earned a fellowship in Infectious Diseases from Boston University School of Medicine. He later pursued an MFA in Fiction from the University of Iowa. Dr. Verghese currently serves as Vice Chair for the Theory and Practice of Medicine at Stanford University, among many other appointments. He is a crtically acclaimed best-selling author. His works include My Own Country, The Tennis Partner, and Cutting for Stone. Dr. Verghese is a champion of medical writing and a fantastic advocate of the importance of the healing arts.

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