Motivation for Counseling on Diet and Exercise

Catherine Merna



Graphite on acid-free paper

A large part of medicine is counselling and education, especially in regard to preventative health and lifestyle modification. It can be difficult at times. How do we counsel patients on the virtue of daily exercise, telling them to find the time in their busy schedules, when we come off a 30 hour call and head straight past the gym to bed? Our patients often have grueling work schedules and personal duties to attend to. When a patient has to lose the 50+ pound of their 350+ weight in order to undergo an elective hernia repair, but their hernia is part of their struggle in exercising, the counselling on diet and exercise can feel insurmountable. I found myself needing to reconnect to my love of the human body and my respect for its intricacy and strength. Making this piece helped to re-inspire me to eat well, exercise consistently, respect my body, and non-hypocritically and passionately counsel my patients to do the same.


Diet, Exercise, Nutrition

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