Connecting Curriculum to Student-Run Pro Bono Clinics: A Policy Project

  • Sandra Campbell, PT, PhD, MBA Widener Univeristy
  • Amanda Schmidt Widener University
  • Kristine Sindoni Widener University
  • Caitlin Zauflik, PT, DPT Widener University
  • Jill Black, PT, DPT, EdD Widener University


Student-run pro bono clinics are growing in number and impact, and the literature points to a number of curricular links that enhance student learning and understanding, while meeting a community need.  Most curricular links connect to the acquisition of clinical and communication skills.  The purpose of this paper is to describe a curricular link between a health administration class and the student leadership component of a student-run pro bono clinic in the form of a policy development project. This brief communication will provide the background and evolution of the policy assignment and describe how it became linked to the student-run pro bono clinic, facilitating authentic and meaningful learning.

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Campbell, S., Schmidt, A., Sindoni, K., Zauflik, C., & Black, J. (2018). Connecting Curriculum to Student-Run Pro Bono Clinics: A Policy Project. Free Clinic Research Collective, 4. Retrieved from
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