Rx#: See The Bigger Picture

  • Alexis Girvan The University of Toledo
  • Brianna Latta The University of Toledo


A reflective article from the perspective of two pharmacy students that details how involvement in the Community Care Clinic (CCC) at the University of Toledo and Community Care Free Medical Clinic (CCFMC) in Ohio impacted both their personal and professional lives. This article provides examples of how working with this clinic expanded their knowledge beyond the classroom, and taught them the importance of holistic and humanistic patient care. Throughout their time at clinic, the authors truly learned what it meant to work in a profession that serves others. As future pharmacists, their responsibilities stretch far beyond treating a patient’s various disease states. Rather, their responsibility is to treat the patient holistically and to address needs that may not necessarily correlate with numbers or labs.

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Girvan, A., & Latta, B. (2018). Rx#: See The Bigger Picture. Free Clinic Research Collective, 4. Retrieved from http://www.themspress.org/journal/index.php/freeclinic/article/view/359