The Longest Journey

  • Lauren DeDecker UC Irvine School of Medicine


Creative writing piece.

Author Biography

Lauren DeDecker, UC Irvine School of Medicine
Lauren DeDecker is a medical student at University of California Irvine. She is the co-president for the AMA chapter at UCI and a board member of the California Medical Association Foundation (CMAF). She enjoys volunteering at the Crescent Clinic, a free student run clinic, and with Team Kipow, a group that teaches elementary school children about healthy lifestyles. She is the Internal Medicine Interest Group student representative and currently doing research in the microbiome and colon cancer. Prior to medical school, Lauren worked as a health coach at a primary care practice. She then worked at a Google glass medical startup in San Francisco. Immediately preceding medical school, Lauren went on a 4 month round the world trip.  Lauren earned a degree in Nutrition Biochemistry at UC Davis and is passionate about nutrition. In her spare time, Lauren enjoys backpacking, traveling, cycling, yoga, and swimming. She plans on pursuing an interdisciplinary career as an integrative gastroenterologist and traveling as much as possible.