Lance-Adams Syndrome: A Case Report

  • Alec Rezigh McGovern Medical School
  • Kayla Riggs McGovern Medical School
Keywords: Lance-Adams Syndrome, post-hypoxic myoclonus, PEA arrest


Chronic post-hypoxic myoclonus, also known as Lance-Adams Syndrome, is a rare neurological complication of successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation, generally occurring days to months after the inciting event. Here we present a 60 year-old man who developed the condition following PEA arrest. We discuss his clinical course, onset of symptoms, diagnostic work-up, and management in hopes of increasing awareness of this rare condition.

Author Biographies

Alec Rezigh, McGovern Medical School
Alec Rezigh is an M.D. candidate at the MacGovern Medical School.
Kayla Riggs, McGovern Medical School
Kayla Riggs is an M.D. candidate at the McGovern Medical School.