Your hand in mine

  • June Tong Saint Louis University School of Medicine


As part of our training to be a medical professional, medical students are educated on the complexities and challenges within the health care system. Medical education highlights these challenges through preclinical theory as well as clinical application. Throughout my training, I've personally found that my reason for going into medicine has evolved as a result of my medical education; I have come to realize that a fulfilling career in medicine derives worth from altruism and a belief that, as doctors, we can be useful to someone at a vulnerable time in his or her life.

I drew an image of an infant grasping an adult's hand. This drawing is meant to depict a simple, but core reason for why I and many of my other colleagues continue to pursue this path. 

The medium used was 2B graphite pencil on paper.

Author Biography

June Tong, Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Second-year medical student
Visual Arts/Digital Artifacts