An Honest Conversation about the Mexico City Policy

  • Aanika Balaji Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Keywords: Global Health, Women's Health, Public Policy, Government Funding


With the reinstatement of the Mexico City policy following the presidential administration change in January, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) lost funding for providing abortion services and counseling abroad. This policy affects millions of women globally and the ramifications of its reinstatement are difficult to comprehend. Through a panel discussion with experts we identified and reviewed several questions about the Mexico City policy through the perspective of medical students: an explanation of the policy itself, how it affects NGOs, how NGOs prepare for a loss in funding, how the policy influences women’s health abroad, and what medical students based in the US can do to increase health care access abroad. This discussion helps students consider the challenges of global health and explored ways of thinking globally, but acting locally to make a difference to underserved populations. 

Author Biography

Aanika Balaji, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Aanika Balaji is a second-year medical student at Johns Hopkins University of School of Medicine. She is excited about cancer research, spending time in undergrad researching peptide therapies for breast cancer and studying immunotherapies and patient outcomes while in medical school. When she isn't at school, Aanika enjoys writing about her travels, walking dogs around Baltimore, and dabbling in watercolor. Her goal is to be an oncologist who is lucky enough to spend part of her career working abroad.


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