Patient Pathography- Saved By The Volunteers

  • Jennifer Riche Riche Florida State UNiversity

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Jennifer Riche Riche, Florida State UNiversity

My name is Jennifer Riche, and I am 4th year medical student at Florida State University College of Medicine. I am also a native of Haiti, a wife, and a mother of infant twin girls.Throughout my years as a medical student, I have served on various committees for groups such as SNMA, FSU Cares and AMWA. I have also organized impactful community event such as the now annual Cover the Uninsured Week in Tallahassee, and various community health fairs and screenings. Lately, I have been especially interested in infectious diseases and will be starting on a community oriented HIV/AIDS project, as well as a research presentation on sickle cell disease this spring. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family, and loved ones. My passion for medicine drives me to become the very best physician that i can be, and the love of my family keeps me grounded asĀ  I go through this journey. I am very enthuse to be on this panel, and I am eager to see the progress that we will make in a span of a year.