Doctor To Be, Father To Be

A Call for Male Medical Students and Residents

  • Aviad Sapir Bs.c, joyce and irving goldman medical school, Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva, Israel


      Childbirth education programs are recommended by international health organizations and are becoming more and more common. Most often, the preparation focuses on the maternal point of view and concern for the baby. Recently, in many places in the world, there is a demand from the male side as well to take an active part in the birth and parenting process. Not just as helpers but as those changing themselves.

      At present, medical research and public discourse hardly deal with this issue from the male-paternal side. Medical students and young doctors can be a focal point for change. On the one hand, most of them are in a professional stage where they have acquired basic clinical knowledge with easy access to trusted sources, and on the other hand, they are themselves young men who in these years become fathers. This combination can be the opportunity of pioneering this important process and in its ability to bring about social change.