On The Pillbox

The Pillbox (MSPress Blog) showcases the writing and art work of medical students around the globe. The blog hosts both regular authors as well as occasional contributors, accommodating to the varied needs of medical students. Bloggers are accepted on a rolling basis. The blog allows for authors to choose a specific column theme, or simply write posts without a specific theme. The Pillbox aims to publish formal opinion/research/news pieces as well as creative writing. In addition, the blog accommodates design-intensive works (for example, visual art pieces, sound pieces, videos, web sites, user interfaces, technology design projects).

On The Medical Student Press

The Medical Student Press provides robust editorial services and multiple online platforms for the publishing projects of medical students. We aim to improve the reach and quality of medical students’ scholarly publications on a global scale. Our projects, run by a team of medical student editors with faculty guidance, operate using Open Journal Systems and support open-access publishing. Currently under our auspices are The MSPress Blog, The MSPress Journal, The Medical Commencement Archive, AMWA’s Linda Brodsky Memorial Journal, and the Free Clinic Research Collective.

We welcome all readers, contributors, and creative minds. You can remain engaged, expressive, and innovative by contributing to the MSPress.
Get in touch with our executive team to figure out how the MSPress might help bring your future publishing projects to fruition.