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New Year Wishes, 2016 Blog Highlights

Wishing all of our readers and supporters a new year blessed with good health, fulfillment, and joy. Thank you to all of those toiling as healthcare workers and defending the right of the pursuit of health for all. May this year be filled with teamwork and  innovation within medicine all towards the goal of alleviating human suffering and illness.

This year, the MSPress continued to enrich medical student dialogue with our various publications.  

Here are my favorite blog pieces from 2016:

The Doctor as the Advocate by Gunjan Sharma

Meaningful Community Involvement by Roy Collins

The Policy on Policy: Why Medical Students Need to Learn About Healthcare by Leigh Goodrich

Thank You for Being a Patient: A Reflection on Gratitude and Its Place in Medicine by Jordan Metsky

Frankenstein: A Tale for the Modern Age by Gunjan Sharma

Storytelling and Patient Advocacy by Ashley Franklin

A Farewell to Oliver Sacks by Josip Borovac

Other highlights include:

The MSPress Journal, Vol 3

The Free Clinic Research Collective, Vol 2

The Medical Commencement Archive, Vol 3

As a final plug, remember that the deadline to submit application to join the executive MSPress board is Jan 30th.



By Mica Esquenazi

Mica is a member of the University of Rochester School of Medicine Class of 2017. She graduated with honors from Stanford University with a B.S. in Science, Technology, and Society, and a B.A. in Medical Anthropology. She works as a clinical researcher within the University of Rochester Medical Center's Department of Otolaryngology and Burn Surgery Division. She previously served on AMWA's National Student Executive Board as Secretary and as a clinical researcher for VisualDx. She also served as local president of her school's AMA and AMWA chapters. Mica is pursuing a career in otolaryngology.

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