To get involved with the Medical Student Press, please send an email to:

Descriptions of all leadership and editorial positions are provided below.

Executive Team:
Editor in Chief (EIC): Oversees the production of all five publications associated with the MS Press. Directs the board of associate editors as chief administrator and provides editorial support and leadership wherever needed.

Executive Editor (EE):  Works closely with the EIC as an administrator for all MS Press publications. The EE is in charge of the AMWA Memorial Journal and public relations. This role is positioned to take over as the EIC (must be MS2-3 or MD/PhD). 

The MSPress Journal Associate Editor:  Runs the MSPress Journal, a semiannual publication that features research and other scholarly writing from medical students from around the globe on a broad range of topics related to science and medicine. 

Free Clinic Research Collective (FCRC) Associate Editor:  Runs the FCRC, an annual publication focused on research and writing related to free clinics and pro bono community/public health initiatives. 

The Pillbox Associate Editor & Copy Editor:  Run The Pillbox, a blog of opinion editorials and creative writing published on a rolling basis. The Associate Editor handles organization of bloggers and oversees web design through WordPress. The Copy Editor provides editorial support and is the final MSPress member to read each blog piece.

Medical Commencement Archive Associate Editor:  Runs the Medical Commencement Archive, an annual publication that solicits and prints commencement speeches given at various medical school graduation ceremonies. This editor interfaces with high-profile faculty commencement speakers.

General Team:

Editors: Work with the MSPress Journal, FCRC, and The Pillbox (Blog) under the direction of their respective Associate Editors to facilitate the revision and publication of student submissions. Editors correspond directly with authors and peer reviewers. 

The Pillbox Staff Writers: Contribute one piece monthly to The Pillbox blog (may be op-ed, public scholarship, medical journalism, creative writing, visual/experimental art). May submit themed pieces for a regular column or publish on a variety of topics. Staff writers are extended editorial support and liberal consideration for publication. 

Peer Reviewers: All authors, especially those submitting to MSPress Journal and FCRC are invited to participate in the peer review process by reviewing other student work. Please respond within two weeks to confirm availability.

For more information or to apply, please contact: